Merryfields School has been awarded the Advanced status for Autism Practice within School.  

We have been awarded Autism Accreditation by The National Autistic Society, the UK’s leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. The award was given in recognition of our good autism practice.

Autism Accreditation is an autism-specific quality assurance programme. It was set up in 1992 to improve the support available to autistic people in organisations throughout the UK and across the world, including local authorities, NHS trusts, education authorities, local autism societies and private companies. To gain accreditation, organisations have to meet a standard of excellence and follow a framework for continuous self-examination and development. The National Autistic Society’s Autism Accreditation programme was launched over 20 years ago and sets extremely high standards, which we have worked incredibly hard to meet.

Find out more about Autism Accreditation on The National Autistic Society website:

Feedback from the Autism Accreditation is shown below.

“PECS is widely established across the school, pupils were observed to be independently using PECS at different levels.  Some pupils were observed to find a symbol and exchange the symbol for a biscuit while other pupils were observed to build a sentence to ask for some strawberries.  One pupils was observed using a tablet to ask for food during dinner.”

“In all observations autistic pupils are supported to do things for themselves rather than needing to be directed by a member of staff.  It was evident throughout the observations that the school places great importance on promoting independence. “

“Autistic pupils are supported to regulate sensory experiences for example across all observations where required pupils were observed with chews, fiddle toys and ear defenders, adaptive seating such as wobble cushions and zoomer chairs, wobble bands and therapy bands.”  

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