Pupils attending Merryfields School, will have an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) identifying their specific disabilities or associated learning difficulties. In exceptional circumstances, pupils may be under assessment for an EHCP and be provided with a temporary placement. We support pupils with a range of needs including but not limited to communication and interaction, ASC, sensory processing disorder, cognition and learning needs.  

All referrals to Merryfields school must come through the Local Authority. Therefore, if your child has an EHCP and you would like them to be considered for a place in Merryfields, please speak to your child’s keyworker at the local authority or the SENCo at your child’s current setting.  

We welcome all prospective parents and carers to come and visit our school. We have regular prospective parent tours throughout each term. If you are interested in joining one of these, please contact our school office for a list of available dates.  

 The process of admission.  

1 – Decision to consult with Special Schools is made by the LA or parents at an EHCP meeting or an Annual Review.   

2- Consultation paperwork is sent to Merryfields by the Local Authority.  

3 – Merryfields will arrange an observation of the pupil in their current setting if they may be able to offer a placement.  

4 – Merryfields will respond to the Local Authority’s consultation, stating whether we feel a placement would be appropriate and whether we would be able to effectively meet the pupils needs.  

5 – The Local Authority will contact parents and inform them that a placement has been accepted or declined. If a placement has been accepted, a transition plan will be put in place to support the pupils, as they move from their current setting to Merryfields.  

 For more detailed information on our admissions process, please see our Admissions Policy, which is accessible below.  


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