Our Safeguarding Aim

To have a school culture of protection, prevention and support. 

Our Safeguarding Ethos

Our school is committed to safeguarding children and promoting children’s welfare and expects all staff, LAB members, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment and maintain a vigilant and safe environment. The school seeks to work in partnership with families and other agencies to improve the outcomes for children who are vulnerable or in need. 

Safeguarding in Merryfields School 

We listen to all of our pupils and encourage them to approach us with any concerns. We encourage pupils with any concerns, to identify an appropriate or trusted adult to confide in. The poster attached below is displayed in every classroom.  

As some of our pupils are pre-verbal, they are encouraged to communicate using appropriate methods, suitable to them. As pupils may not always be able to tell us verbally when something is wrong, staff are committed to having a robust understanding and working knowledge of safeguarding and how that may present in a pupil’s behaviour and appearance,  

Safeguarding has a place within our Curriculum and Assemblies.  Within PHRSE, there are a number of topics which span across year groups with a focus on Safeguarding, including ‘Learning Strategies for Making Decisions and Saying No,’ ‘Safe and Unsafe Relationships’ and ‘Online-Safety.’ We also take part in Anti-Bullying Week annually and our Pupil Mentor delivers individualised and/or small group work for pupils who need extra support.   

We also encourage visitors like PCSO’s and NSPCC to come in to speak to our pupils and deliver their own Safeguarding programmes. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Geraldine Eld

Our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Melissa Poole and Nicole Minor

Our Early Help Manager is Melissa Poole 

Our Nurture Teaching Assistant is Fran Warrington

Our Early Help Manager is Melissa Poole – Click here to learn more about our Early Help Manager role.

Our Safeguarding Local Academy Board Member is Rosanna Snee

Click here to see our Keeping Safe at School Poster for pupils. 

Click here to see what you can do to safeguard children, as outlined by the NSPCC

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